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Port North Pile Remediation Project

Pile remediation is a core business of CMG with thousands of piles remediated by our Teams. The Port North pipeline in Brisbane is an important asset, transporting fuel from the BP refinery to the Brisbane Airport. CMG has successfully remediated close to 100 piles in this project, from concrete breakout through to installation of pile remediation solution, Quakewrap. CMG’s Teams are fast and efficient, ensuring strict compliance to ITP’s and shipping schedules at the site. CMG also holds accreditations for Quality (ISO9001 2015), Safety (ISO45001 2018) and Environment (ISO 14001 2015).

Kiribati Wharf, Tarawa

CMG completed remedial works on the Kiribati Wharf Structure, including Broco cutting of sheet piles, airlifting and installation of custom design scour bags.

Eden Breakwater Upgrade Project, Eden NSW

CMG were contracted by Waterway Constructions to install anodes and Denso jackets on over 100 piles as part of the Eden Breakwater Upgrade Project in Eden, NSW.
CMG were onsite for six months.

Reef Restoration Project

CMG worked under BMT WBM Pty Ltd on part of their Reef Restoration Project at Bait Reef and Pinnacle Bay in the Whitsunday Region.

CMG deployed occupational divers to fill bags with coral rubble from their vessel ‘Invictus’.

Callaghan Park Boat Ramp, Rockhampton

JM Kelly Builders engaged CMG to assist with the design and installation of Callaghan Park Boat Ramp in Rockhampton in 2018. The three month project was successfully finished on time and on budget.