Water Asset Maintenance


At CMG we help our clients to keep on top of their water maintenance plans by providing specialised solutions to inspecting and maintaining a range of water facilities such as:

  • Reservoirs
  • Potable water
  • Contaminated waters

Our highly skilled divers and/or ROV allow for assets to be inspected, repaired and/or cleaned without the need to empty the asset, which can be time consuming and expensive, providing a more cost effective solution. At CMG we have dedicated equipment for working in contaminated water and sewerage environments and all our staff are qualified for working in confined spaces. Our divers are ADAS (Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme) qualified and have annual medicals and annual first aid renewals - in accordance with AS2299.1:2015.

The team at CMG can help to identify and combat issues including:

Leak detection: Our trained divers use leak detection fluid to search for leaks in your water asset. We use CCTV, when visibility allows, to effectively test for leakage.

Silt Cleaning: Divers can vacuum the natural sediment that can build up at the bottom of your water asset. This prevents the asset from needing to be fully drained, which creates a much more cost effective process. Our divers use a diaphragm pump or subsea vacuum to suck the silt up and allow it to be easily disposed of.

Crack or Leak Remediation in Potable Water: All of our crack and leak remediation is conducted in accordance with AS 4020:2018 (Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water). Our diving team uses specialised sanitised diving equipment to ensure that your water is not contaminated by any works needing to occur to remediate the crack or leakage.

Inspecting Assets for Damage: The trained divers at CMG can perform a wide range of ad-hoc in water inspection and repair services. This includes a variety of procedures, including, changing/cleaning of grates, repairing/cleaning of water pumps, and blockage removal.

Contaminated Water Procedures: Our divers use dedicated equipment specifically for contaminated water. This includes contamination dry suits to ensure diver safety is maintained and there is zero contact with any contaminated substances.

Recent Clients

Some recent water asset maintenance the team at CMG have worked on is outlined below:

Brisbane Airport Corporation

CMG Divers performed leak detection and repairs on water holding tanks for the Brisbane Airport Corporation.

The Farm

After the March 2021 flooding, CMG Divers were called to dive in irrigation pump intakes that were blocked. Our divers used hydraulic grinders to remove grates and clean the systems.


Our divers have conducted leak detection and repairs on transformer oil water holding tanks across Brisbane. This work did involve initially inspecting the tanks with water, then once the leaks were detected, they were emptied and repaired under Confined Space guidelines.


CMG has implemented the systematic inspection and maintenance of the NRG Gladstone Power Station for the past five years. The Power Station has cooling water intakes to keep the turbines at the optimal temperature. NRG has a systematic maintenance schedule where they can shut down part of the plant for inspection and any repairs in these intakes. This eliminates the need to fully close the plant and remove water.

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